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  1. for certain

    • ph.
      確定;無疑地; 確定地
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    • 1. 確定 Although we cannot always know for certain who invented a word, we can often remember it more easily if we know the story about where it comes from. 雖然我們不能總是確定知道誰發明字, 但是假如我們知道有關字的來源的故事, 我們就能更容易地常常記住它。 Would you love to know for certain how Alice likes living in California? 你很想確定知道愛麗絲喜不喜歡住在加州嗎?
    • 2. 無疑地; 確定地 I couldn't say for certain when he'll arrive. 我說不準他什麼時候到。 I don't yet know for certain. 我知道得不確切。