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  1. be spoilt for choice

    • ph.
      have so many options that it is difficult to make a choice
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    • each of which???

      ...problem so I will not elaborate choice (A). For choice (B), if you write it as " He ...shall be used. 2012-04-02 13:17:14 補充: For your speechless, I will award you with...

    • 閱讀英文翻譯 1-1

      ...way to avoid dependence on the U.S. Government and to plan ahead for choice and independence when long-term care may be needed. 將近700萬的美國居民依頼...

    • 『一樣價格,兩種選擇』的英文是不是這樣說?

      ... price, two choices (或options). 或 One price for two choices. Same price, two choices. 或 Same price for two choices...