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    • 會計方面的英文翻譯請大家幫忙

      The concern is that methods for fair valuing demand deposits will not be compatible with...抵銷公平價值變動。 2010-11-12 04:19:41 補充: broad implication for financial stability =財務穩定的廣大含義

    • tomorrow will be better as 英翻中

      ...公平的 2.(形容詞) 美好的 3. (名詞)市集,義賣會之類的 "Ill go for a fair will party after work" 應該有誤打 因為有兩個動詞了。 *如果是 ...

    • 中翻英...請求客戶付款的句子

      ... year to avoid any delay each other. I will go to Frankfurt for fair from Feb. 11 to Feb. 13, 2006. I would like to visit you after...