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  1. for fear of


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    • 1. 擔憂 She asked us not to be noisy for fear of waking the baby. 她要我們別吵鬧,惟恐吵醒嬰兒。
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    • 動名詞與名詞

      ...場合是片語, 亦即該動作帶有受詞或修飾語的情況, 例如: He dare not do it for fear of any change. He dare not do it for fear of changing the amicable relationship...

    • 尋求單字、片語例句

      ...: Some house in Netherland are made waterborne for fear of the sea level rise and flood. (一些荷蘭的房子被蓋成漂浮在水上以免海平面上升而...

    • 急~英文句子的中文和造句(只有4個而已)拜託~20點

      1.He is working hard for fear of he should fail. (他害怕失敗,所以努力工作.) 2.On what ground...