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    • 1. 例如 You can't depend on her: for instance, she arrived late yesterday. 她靠不住;舉例說,昨天她就來遲了。
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    • 請問For example與For instance有何不同

      For example & For instance 基本上意思語用法都一樣 舉例 譬如 例子的意思 我想你的問題是在實際用法...

    • 請教一段英文翻譯 for instance

      請教一段英文翻譯 for instance Luthar,Cicchetti and Becker (2000),, for instance, in a...

    • example&instance的差別

      兩個都是互通的! for example.... for instance.... 差別在於,如果你不想一直重複說for example...that example, a computer is beneficial because.... For instance, a television is harmful to our ...