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    • 1. 免費 I got the typewriter for nothing; a friend just gave it to me. 我免費得到了這台打字機, 是一位朋友送給我的。 Children under 5 can travel for nothing. 5歲以下兒童可免付旅費。
    • 2. 徒然 All the work has been done for nothing. 所有的工作都白做了。
    • 3. 無端 They often quarrel for nothing. 他們經常無端爭吵。
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    • thanks for nothing 的翻譯

      ...手法, 老外似乎頗為喜好. 類似的例子如: I really appreciate your good-for-nothing advice! 至於您的[Thanks for nothing!], 中文直接翻成: 真是謝謝你啊! 只要...

    • 請問you are good for nothing中文是?

      版主您好: 非常有意思的題目!「you are good for nothing」視上下整體句意或講話者的語意,除了Kevin大師提供成語之外,尚有...

    • 翻譯 something for nothing?

      不勞而獲之利益或 某事免費 ... 最佳解答!!