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    • [pave one's way for]該如何使用?

      ...打工俾利吸取教育方面訊息)。 例句使用:I study hard to pave my way for a successful career. (我努力用功以替自己未來成功的職業生涯鋪路)。 希望我的...

    • 英文演講作文 15點

      ...reduce the methane emmisions is takingit a little too far. I for one enjoy eating meat, it's part of my dietand frankly I wouldn't get what my body needs...

    • 英文每日一句,翻譯網站魔人別來!

      ...anymore. you,ll have to throw it out and buy a new one. makes parts for these 是什麼意思?? 為什麼make 、 part 要加s? 為什麼是these 而不是this? throw it out是丟掉的意思嗎? 可是我查字典...