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  1. for one thing

    • ph.
      used to introduce one of two or more possible reasons for something, the remainder of which may or may not be stated
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    • 英文短文問題..急需!!請大家好心幫幫我!!

      1.請寫出一段短文,其中含有 for one thingfor another Such a story... under execution. However, one the other is that a famous have those and opposes for their executtion. This...


      ...形容詞。 * SCARING 不常用做形容詞,多半是用 scary。 Q4: FOR ONE THING /FOR ANOTHER/第三個呢? 這個問題很好。一般會這樣說...

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      ...regard to -0.html 有時候可以代替about,有時候不行端看此網站 參考@! 3. for one thing 比如说,首先,一則~ for one thing, you must work harder. For...