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  1. for show

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      (為了給人看而不是為了使用)裝樣子, 作秀
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    • 1. (為了給人看而不是為了使用)裝樣子, 作秀

      She only has those books for show -- she never reads them. 她的那些書只是裝門面的--她從來不看。

    • ph. 在…顯得機敏

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    • ph. 在某事物上有...成果

    • All those years of hard work, and nothing to show for it! 苦幹了那麼多年, 卻拿不出成績來!

      I have only got £100 to show for all the stuff I sold. 我賣了那麼多東西, 只得到區區100英鎊。

    • ph. 沒有成績

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    • ph.

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      Thanks for showing me your true self. Thanks for showing me what kind of a person you are Now I see what kind of person you are

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