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  1. for the asking

    • ph.
      只需開口; 只要索取
    • 釋義


    • 1. 只需開口; 只要索取 The job is yours for the asking. 你一開口就能得到那份工作。
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      I asked to refund for the shirt that I had ordered on the 2) Because of poor sewing, I asked for the refund of the shirt I ordered online. 由於縫紉...

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      He asked for the check when we were done eating.  be done ving é...

    • 英文一題有關 to ask

      ...when he saw a small man running towards the trains, carrying a bag. 其實要作答...句粉紅色的 He was waiting for travelers ( 要求 ask) him to help them... 他(當時)正在...