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  1. for the duration


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    • 1. 在戰爭期間;直至戰爭結束 They were put into detention camps for the duration. 他們被關在拘留營裡直至戰爭結束。
    • 2. 在某事未完期間 He was prepared to do this for the duration of the campaign. 他準備好在選舉期間做這件事。
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    • 關於英文for用法的問題。?

      for 是為了指明一段時間,for the duration of time,下面的例子( for + time) 都可省去,句子... have to study [tricks of the trade] (for a long time). 2. They went through (a...

    • duration 和 period有何不同?

      .... 這場競賽持續了3小時之久 He gave up all worries for the duration of the holiday. 他整過假期都不擔心 period:雖然也是指一段時間但並不強調...

    • 急!!請英文好的人幫我翻譯一下(20點)有關網際網路的

      ...constant delay connections between nodes for their exclusive use for the duration of the communication. 這和其它的主要技術典範不同, 如電話線路交換技術, 其在...