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    • 幫英翻中下面的五個假設

      ...The higher the level of masculinity traits, . the lower the extent of internal search for information.自作聰明 比喻, 男士 自恃聰明,卻反而誤了自己 . 3 : The...

    • 誠徵英翻中高手 (MRI相關)

      ...造影結果下的第一次說明中未被指出。 MRI may be used to evaluate the extent of a lesion or its internal structure in FD, rather than for diagnosis.6 MRI is useful for surgical planning.7...

    • 請幫我翻譯把以下中文翻譯成英文!謝謝

      .... Before that, however, each of them has to express the extent of her love for him. ** 大女兒Goneril 說,她對父王的愛無法用言語形容,他...