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  1. for the sake of


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    • 1. 為了 He argues for the sake of arguing. 他是為爭辯而爭辯。
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    • 英文簡單的片語問題....

      for the sake of + 原因= for one's sake he drank a lot of water for the sake of his health. in order to +目的 He studies hard in order to win the scholarship. 2005-03-05 21:57:01 補充: 呵呵 謝你啊 小p 還好以前英文沒白學...

    • power for power’s sake怎麼譯?

      for the sake of …… 為了…的緣故 for power’s sake 就是為了權力的緣故 一個政治人物擁有了權力以後, 應該善用這種權力來為民謀福利, 如果只是為了權力而掌權, 那就是 power for power’s sake

    • 即時翻譯~十萬火急

      For the Sake of Other Men 為別人而活 Strange is...however, there is one thing we do know:that man is here for the sake of other men-above all for those upon whose smile and well...