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    • hence 與 so 比較

      ... very fresh and hence satisfactory. so–adverb9. for this or that reason; hence; therefore: She is ill, and so ...記憶:fanboys(粉(絲)男童們)。請注意,"for"多是當介系詞,在當對等連接詞時,只能連接...

    • 好難的課文哦,請幫忙翻譯,

      ...毒瘤,導致兩岸關係變了調。 “It is for this reason that [Taiwan] is not able to deal with the dispute...’s Republic of China or that of the largely unrecognized Republic of ...

    • 麻煩一下~幫我英文句子翻成中文

      ...column is a feature or article that appears regularly in a newspaper --daily, weekly, or monthly. Those who write...column, therefore, brings prestige. For this reason, most columnists are...