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    for vain

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    • 糾正這一句英文文法問題

      Or, the opportunity offered for you is nothing but in vain. 其中nothing but in vain的 in vain錯在哪...改寫成 Or,the opportunity offered for you is only in vain. 或者, 給你的機會,也只不過是徒勞無功...

    • 關於"in vain"在句中(不是句尾)的位置

      in vain是當作副詞使用 意思是無效地 所以是放在...修飾喔 例: They attempted in vain to modernise these antiquated...police office本身是一個動作所以後面接副詞 in vain John "tried" in vain...

    • 想請中翻英高手幫忙翻譯幾句英文 improve the situation with my swollen legs due to water retention for vain reasons, each time after jogging, I would always do leg lifts...