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  1. 你是不是要查

    for what it's worth
  1. for what it is worth

    • ph.
      used to emphasize that one is offering a suggestion or opinion without making a claim to its validity
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    • For what it is worth.... 是什麼意思 2006-09-12 17:19:24 補充: As for "for what it's worth" the idea seems to play something down, to convey the idea that the message...

    • for what's worth 意思是?

      ...about to say something he or she believes is worth saying. 例句:For what it's worth, I'll be there. 說明一下,這個詞通常放在句首,要說話前先說這...

    • ”很值得”英文怎麼說?

      正確的說法是 It's worth it. 前面的It's worth是指 這是值得的. 所以有一種說法, For what it's worth (就其所值). 後面的 it 是指 值得的東西. 例如: 努力...