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  1. forasmuch as

    • IPA[ˌfôrəzˈməCH əz]


    • conj.
      because; since
    • 釋義


    • 1. archaic because; since forasmuch as the tree returned to life, so too could Arthur be returned to her
  2. 知識+

    • as與because使用之不同.....

      ...當「因為」時,與 because,since,inasmuch as,for,whereas, forasmuch as,considering that同義,沒有說誰帶有強調意味 她離開房間時想起了那本書。 3. 隨著 ex.As the sun rose the fog dispersed. 太陽...

    • 想請各位幫個英文的小忙!!

      ...establish; feast; gain; make; nett <because>因為 因為=>for; as; since; on account of; due to; at; forasmuch 聯想: 句子用法=>so; although; though <bring>帶著; 導致...