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    • exorciser是什麼意思???

      ...quot; and "to exorcise." Exorkizein in turn is formed from the prefix ex-, "thoroughly," and the verb horkizein, "to make one swear, administer...

    • 請幫我把這段劇本翻成英文

      ...right.Mom. good bye. FIFTH~~~ Emily forbore down, and silently accepted all the unreasonable ... is working, Eric return home from work ... Emily:oh, he is back, he must have...

    • 幫我修改英文推薦函~20點

      這裡無法用其他顏色、字型,因此我直接作修改。 有些你拼錯字或是語意不明,我是按照上下文來推斷, 盡量以不更改你文章原意為原則來修。 另外要說明的是,有些字查字典可能是你要的意思, 但其實用法不太對,所以我就改掉囉~ 希望你還滿意囉^^ P.S. Ms...