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    • 下列句子中文翻英文

      1.Forbid to sell, forbid to catch to hunt to adopt it to move plant and its specimen. 2.Forbid...coralline reef and other strange rock etc. the specimen process a product with it. 3. Be forbidden to a recreation area to specify a peddler area outside of the region establish booth or fluxion...

    • 一個短句,文法上的問題^^

      ...that的子句還可以拆成兩句來看,she was European. she was forbidden to be there. 這樣子句子結構你應該就了解了吧。(她是歐洲人,並被禁止進入該地區...

    • Vt+O+to-V 翻譯習題

      ... her father had known about it in advance, he would have forbidden her to marry him. 我寫的是... 1. We know Janet to dance well in...