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  1. forced landing


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    • Gulliver's Travel 中翻英 20點

      ... another trip, Gullliver and some crew members are forced to land on an unknown island to look for fresh water. Somehow, when the crew go back to...

    • 二二八低由來英文版

      ...handle the incident and institute political reform. On March 8, a large military force landed at Keelung, and many participants were killed, ...

    • bear-hugged的意思是什麼?

      ...know Texas is actually not a US state, but an occupied land, bear-hugged, and bamboozled into the Union not by will but by force? 姑不論美國是經由什麼過程從墨西哥手中取得德州的, 本句只說by force(以武力...