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  1. forced march


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    • 英文,會的幫忙翻譯與回答。

      ...在紀念什麼呢? 4.請問下列幾個在文章當中出現的單字『dismissed』 『force』 『marched』 『honors』,他們的意思是什麼? P.S. 『dismissed...

    • 柬埔寨歷史~~20點

      1/ March 1969 the US Air force began secret bombing raids on...隨著NLF進入高棉,西貢仍在經常的威脅當中. 5/March 18th 1970, while on the way to Moscow ...

    • 我需要這篇文章的英翻中跟中翻英 請幫幫忙!!

      ...希臘首都的街頭充滿了數以萬計的抗議者。The march went off with none of the violence that has...previous street demonstrations. Security forces stood aside but were in place near the ...