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  1. forced shopping

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    • 介係詞後加Ving或to V總是會搞混

      ...一個動作 兩種句型都合文法,主要的差別在語意上的重視‧ In addition to shopping, 這種語意絕對是說明行為,所以用「動名詞」‧ order to understanding...

    • 請幫我造十句~~~謝!!! 緊急~~~~英文高手

      1. he will be forced to go to bed immediately. 他將會被強迫去睡覺. 2. Can...the test. 他沒有讀,所以最後他的考試不及格. 6. The shop will be closed down in five days. 這間店會在五...

    • 請幫我造九句子 . . 謝~~~^^"

      1. Human beings can be forced to do things that they normally can't do. 2. ... down two months ago.7. This bread shop has a wide range of products to choose from...