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  1. foretelling

    • foretell的動詞現在分詞、動名詞
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    • 請用這幾個詞,幫我造幾句擬人法的句子...10點

      1.A foretell can tell you your future. 2.The water were frolicking in the in the pond under the rain. 3.The knife suddenly jumped out of his hand and lunged at me.

    • predict的運用方法

      ...說)這兩個拉丁字首和字根的組合 2012-10-10 17:23:17 補充: to predict = to foretell = to say what will happen in the future If you foretell a future event, you predict...

    • pro+state=攝護腺!? liver=肝!?

      ...述說」,但與 prostate 無關連性。 [pro-和 state 為什麼是攝護腺!? 而不是propose or foretell之類的呢!!??] 以字根來說 pro 確實是 「前」,但 state 不是 「說」,跟 tell...