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  1. forgivable

    • IPA[fəˈgɪvəbl]



    • adj.
  2. 知識+

    • 請問義大利諺語原文

      1. Errore fatale uomo è forgivable, le donne sono excusable errore è fatale. 2.Vivo solo uno, morir&...

    • Death penalty短文修改

      ... with their thought. Some minor crimes are forgivable once the criminal spent time in jail and the major ones should be severely punish but...

    • 英文翻釋高手請幫幫忙~急需

      ... husband face the love affair and come back to us, every thing is still forgivable. 如果我是老公~~不會放棄家庭~~畢竟有了自已的小孩妻子~~即然老婆也願意...