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    • 1. 不情願付出 I had to fork out 20 dollars to have the bike repaired. 我只好出二十元把自行車修了。
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    • 片語”fork out

      Fork out 不情願付出 例句: I had to fork out 20 dollars to have.... 我只好出二十元把自行車修了。 I've got to fork out a lot of money to the collector of Taxes this year. 今年,我必須付許多錢給...

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      ...and a knife.(用When...合併句子) ->When we eat steak,we use a fork and a knife. 2. Judy cleaned the refrigerator at five o'clock. Judy took out the garbage at six o'clock.(用...after...合併句子) ->Judy took...

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      ...grateful to my classmates for helping me out when l was in trouble. The french were also slow to accept forks, for using them was thought to be awkward...