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    • 中翻英(超難XD)

      ... like the passing clouds and flowing water to form a coherent whole, does not stagnate, slightly does not see the morbid state? This bully...

    • 拜託幫我翻譯twist water廣告內容 中翻英 急!!!

      ...or the anti-clockwise reverse, these special staggered waves can help to form a coherent whole, finally also close overlaps in together, lets the volume even more concentrate...

    • 學習新的語言要持之以恆..英文怎說?

      ...與風俗的溝通橋梁,能擴展我們的視野,充實我們的生活。 Languages form a bridge that connects people from all cultures. They broaden our horizon and give our lives a whole new dimension. 2:不過學習新的語言必須要持之以恆,不可半途而廢。 ...