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    • 可以幫我翻譯一下演講稿嗎?

      The happy meeting expensive 31st anniversary up to with this will form an alliance the 20th anniversary commemoration, and 32 sessions of association presidents and the staff member will take office to give the card grand ceremony...

    • 請幫我找出此兩段英文的 topic sentences?

      ...this method, 『learners form their own sound association between the foreign language word they are trying... the second stage,『 learners form an image link between the target word and the native language word...

    • Connections / Bonded 的差別???

      ... are bonded together to form water? [subject +]bonded to[+object]: 黏合 /結合...happy. 他粘著你 Connection: A link;an association or relationshipConnection: 淵源[(+with/between...