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    • 贈二十點。四句簡單英文請幫我翻成口語中文

      1、這是我為您定的兩週減重計畫,我們公司已準備要隨時傾聽您的要求與回答您的問題。 2、我從沒有要傷害你的意思 3、我們要求爸爸戒煙,但他似乎不理我們。 4、這個面試給你的機會能成為我們公司的一員。

    • 傲慢與偏見的問題~~請幫幫我!!

      ... Darcy is very proud and formed an impression or so the very first time he attended...absolutely stuck up and unwilling to dance with any of the ladies around. Elizabeth ...

    • lmntrix 這個單字的意思

      Imntrix is the name of dancers+films.Image is the impression that persons,dancers,an organization or the product gives to the public on their stereotyped...