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  1. form criticism

    • n.
      analysis of the Bible by tracing the history of its content of parables, psalms, and other literary forms.
    • noun: form criticism

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    • 這裡的suggest可用過去式嗎? Hutton suggests, is the leadership refusal to accept any form of criticism.如果用suggests表示事實,用現在式沒錯如果用suggested表示過去...

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      ... , usually thought to be antithetical forms of analysis . 另一項優點是,CIT...屬量及屬性的檢視,經常被認為是分析的對偶形式。 Criticism of content analysis typically centers...

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      ...of all scientific inquiry has been recognized, these and other criticisms of the legitimacy of practitioner research as forms of educational inquiry have continued today while self-study research has...