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    • 英文高手~挑戰商業英文合約(英翻中)

      ...damage which may occur during the execution of the PARTIES's obligation as set forth in the CONTRACT which arises out of the default or negligence or acts or omissions of SELLER and...

    • 一題有關英文片語的題目

      A) bring forth: 生,產生;發表 B) bring out 提起某事 C) hang on 握住不放; 堅持; 撐住 D) hang out 居住 比較...

    • 幫我翻譯文章 The Power of Nature

      ...的。 We can't stop the power of nature. 我們無法阻止自然的力量..., it can come after a big storm out at sea, when too much sea water goes up and down and back and forth. 路面上下左右搖動。 The land...