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    • 偶然的
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    • 英文文法的問題,請高手指教,謝謝~

      ... around the world, “eight” is considered the most fortuitous of numbers, _____ it much coveted for addresses, phone ...

    • 不會寫英文作文

      ... waitress slightly nods from this time on, this made the fortuitous encounter which one was unable to believe start their life. 2006-04-29 13...

    • 請問法文l'heureux該怎麼唸?[送20點]

      ...高興的, 滿足的 {pleased} 滿足的, 滿意的; 甘願的 {content} 偶然的 {fortuitous} 快樂的, 嬉戲作樂的, 愉快的 {merry} 巧妙的, 可喜的, 極為適當的 {felicitous...