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  1. fortune cookie


    • n.
      a small biscuit containing a slip of paper with a prediction or motto written on it, served in Chinese restaurants.
    • noun: fortune cookie, plural noun: fortune cookies

  2. 知識+

    • 求可以寫在fortune cookie中的內容~(英文) will not be lonesome. 以下網站你可以馬上印出來, 不用自己寫 http://www.chinese-fortune...

    • About the Fortune Cookies

      是"心美,貌亦美。"的意思 是一句英文諺語。^^

    • fortune cookie message 籤語餅

       Good news from afar may bring you a welcome visitor.   從遠處去看來的好消息,也許為您迎來一位受歡迎的訪客. (喻意: 好事情) When all else seems to fail, smile for today and just love someone. 當一切似乎都失敗了, 微笑迎接今天吧!只要有某人愛著您。 When you look down, all...