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    foul up

    • ph.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 把…搞糟,弄糟,破壞
    • 2. 污染,弄臟
    • 3. 犯錯誤,誤入歧途
  2. 知識+

    • 有關於棒球術語 "Tag up" a fielder (without touching the ground). After a legal tag up, even if the ball was caught in foul territory, runners are free to attempt to advance.[1] On long fly...

    • 請問以下的英文片語各是什麼意思???

      ...飛出球場外,是個全壘打) the ball flies out of the ballpark, it is a foul ball (球飛出球場外,是個界外球)

    • 有臭味的,英文要用哪一個單字? sticks! 你的房間好臭! [v] Don't stink up the place! 別弄臭這裡! [n / v] My math sticks... reeks of alcohol. 他(口中)發出酒的臭味. foul 通常用於腐爛的臭味, 比較少用於一般的臭味 / 骯髒的 [adj...