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    • 一小段棒球文章翻譯

      Baseball Four-seam fastballs, especially when thrown over the top, tend to be...seam fastball抓球時延著缝線持球互相對應 A four-seam fastball, also called a rising fastball or a cross...

    • 又一句棒球英文翻譯

      You can also see the straightening out of his four-seam fastball. Thus, clearly curves are not the answer 你同樣能看到4縫線的快速直球。然而,很清楚的曲球不是答案。

    • 中文翻譯(有關運動的)~有點類似作文性質~~

      ...slider and splitter. Furthermore, he even starts to use his four-seam fastball. This makes me want to cut the classes to watch ...