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  1. frame

    • IPA[freɪm]


    • n.
      a rigid structure that surrounds something such as a picture, door, or windowpane.;a metal or plastic structure holding the lenses of a pair of glasses.
    • v.
      place (a picture or photograph) in a frame;surround so as to create a striking or attractive image
    • verb: frame, 3rd person present: frames, gerund or present participle: framing, past tense: framed, past participle: framed

    • noun: frame, plural noun: frames

    • 釋義
    • 片語


    • 1. a rigid structure that surrounds something such as a picture, door, or windowpane. 同義詞 setting, mount, mounting, surround, fixture, ... 更多
    • a metal or plastic structure holding the lenses of a pair of glasses.
    • the rigid supporting structure of an object such as a vehicle, building, or piece of furniture the wooden frame of the huge bed an old bicycle frame 同義詞 framework, structure, substructure, skeleton, chassis, ... 更多
    • a boxlike structure of glass or plastic in which seeds or young plants are grown.
    • an apparatus with a surrounding structure, especially one used in weaving, knitting, or embroidery.
    • archaic the universe, or part of it, regarded as an embracing structure this goodly frame the Earth
    • 2. a person's body with reference to its size or build a shiver shook her slim frame 同義詞 body, figure, form, shape, physique, ... 更多
    • 3. a basic structure that underlies or supports a system, concept, or text the establishment of conditions provides a frame for interpretation 同義詞 structure, framework, context, scheme, system, ... 更多
    • technical short for frame of reference
    • archaic the structure, constitution, or nature of someone or something we have in our inward frame various affections
    • 4. a structural environment within which a class of words or other linguistic units can be correctly used. For example I — him is a frame for a large class of transitive verbs.
    • a feature which marks a transition from one section of discourse to another frames are realized by linguistic items such as ‘well’, ‘right’, and ‘OK’
    • a section of a discourse separated by a frame pragmatically asides step back from the ongoing interpretative frame
    • (in semantics) an underlying conceptual structure into which the meanings of a number of related words fit the frame of verbs of perception
    • a social context determining the interpretation of an utterance an utterance may mean the opposite of what it says if used within a frame of teasing
    • 5. a single complete picture in a series forming a cinema, television, or video film video footage slowed down to 20 frames a second
    • a single picture in a comic strip.
    • a graphic panel in a display window, especially in a web browser, which encloses a self-contained section of data and permits multiple independent document viewing.
    • 6. the triangular structure for positioning the red balls in snooker.
    • a single game of snooker Jones won the first four frames