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  1. frame of mind


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    • 1. 心情 She was in a cheerful frame of mind. 她心情愉快。
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    • dark frame of war

      ...在這裡有兩種可能意義: 1. 心情,精神狀態 He was in a bad frame of mind this morning. 今天上午他心情惡劣。 2. 鏡頭, 畫面 What makes...

    • 最近的心情.英文該如何寫?

      兩個都可以﹐但要把recently改為recentmy recent frame of mindmy recent mood或my frame of mind of latemy mood of late

    • IQ,EQ,AQ 還有什麼Q 那位學者提出的理論

      ... Gardner’s pioneering book Frames of Mind (1993), the notion of many types of intelligence..., understand that there is a great deal of interaction between the Quotients. In...