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  1. free alongside ship

    • adv.
      without charge for delivery to the boarding area next to a ship, but with the understanding that the buyer is responsible for the item once it is so delivered.
  2. 知識+

    • 進出口的交易方式?

      ...裝船並預付目的地港海上運費及負責洽購海上保險並支付保費。 FAS free alongside ship。船邊交貨價。 係指賣方應在指定的裝運港,在規定日期或期間內,依該港口...

    • 請幫忙解一下~~~國際貿易慣用種類之中文!!!!感謝~~~~

      ...保險+運費 EX-WORKS 工廠價 EX-FACTORY 工廠價 Free Alongside Ship 船邊交貨條件

    • <<急件>>商用英文

      ...憑(貨運)單據即期支付。 FAS為"指定裝貨港船邊交貨條件"(free alongside ship) CA為中美洲(Central America)縮寫,Dock為碼頭...