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  1. free space

    • n.
      space unoccupied by matter or, more particularly, containing no electromagnetic or gravitational field and used as a reference.
    • noun: free space

  2. 知識+

    • 星巴克一句名言翻中

      aroma protection through smoke-free space. 譯: 在無煙的空間裡才能品嘗極致的咖啡香醇 字面: 香味的保護是透過無煙...aroma : (植物、酒、菜肴等的)芳香,香氣,香味 through: 以, 用, 憑藉(方法) smoke-free space: 無煙空間

    • Allok Video Joiner 的問題

      there is not enough free space on diriveD. D槽裡沒有足夠的空間 A bout required...槽的可用空間為 5500 MB PIease make sure there is enough free space on drive D:,then click "yes" button to continue ,or click "NO...

    • 翻譯物理名詞(英→中)

      magnetic force磁力 magnetic field磁場 magnetic dipole 磁偶極 magnetic dipole moment 磁矩/磁偶極矩 Biot-Savart law必歐-沙伐定律 permeability of free space真空磁導率 Ampere,s law 安培定律