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    • 請問有關"尺度"的英文說法

      1. 言論自由的尺度 - tolerance of free speech 2. 拿捏言論的尺度 - regulation of free speech 3. 放寬...will try. 2. 拿捏言論的尺度 - to regulate coverage of free speech 3. 放寬言論的尺度 - to allow a wider range of...

    • what is freedom of speech?

      ...liberal democracies, where it is understood to outlaw censorship. Free speech is nowadays also protected by international human rights law, notably...

    • 英文演講的題目~~急!!!!!!!

      ...just told by my classmate that I have a speech due tomorrow. Why wasn't I informed... speech. Oh well, probably a Chinese speech to the principal but that's ok. At least I know...