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  1. free throw


    • n.
      an unimpeded attempt at a goal awarded to a player following a foul or other infringement.
    • noun: free throw, plural noun: free throws

  2. 知識+

    • 一個英文數學題翻譯

      ...籃球得分的問題 先做基本的籃球術語單子介紹 free-throw=罰球 (一球一分) three-point shot =三分球 (一球... the winning team made 2 more free-throws than field goals, 假設贏的隊伍的罰球數...

    • 請會英文又會籃球的大大進來!!!!!

      ...double dribble 兩次運球 steel 抄截(斷球) FT -- FREE THROW --罰球命中率 BLK -- BLOCK --阻攻(火鍋數...

    • 喬丹籃球教學 英文影片翻譯

      ...even in games. When I step to the free throw line and I'm just joking around, ...try, next thing you know you are a better free throw shooter. 這些字都很簡單,查一下字典,有問題歡迎到...