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    • autonomy是指什麼?

      autonomy (n.): 1. 自治、自治權 (right of self-government) 2. 自治團體、有自主權的國家 (self-governing community (contury)) 3. 自主性、自由意志 (freedom of the will)

    • 如何用英文來介紹 ”哈士奇”

      ... from the spine but flattened on the sides to allow for freedom of action. Faults: Chest too broad; "barrel ribs;" ribs...

    • 請求高手幫我英文準確的翻譯 !!! ( 急)

      ... afford any bit of bondage I am a man of action, not loving study is the fact everything we can to practice Usually however the freedom-loving people, personality seemed to go ...