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  1. freight car


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    • Sara Jackson freight train中文翻譯 got so much to love? Grief is a freight train, oh no, what's a little pain ? when you've ... so much to lose. Hope is a fast car, only takes you so far away, oh you've got...

    • FTRA--中文是什麼意思

      The Freight Train Riders of America (FTRA... gang of homeless men who move about in railroad cars, particularly in the northwestern United States. 美國...

    • [貿易]何謂Intermodal Rules Tariff

      ...公告條例與規則的關稅表governing class,commodity and freight rates applying on shipments ...demountable trailer bodies and transported on flat cars.(此關稅表)規定  裝在在拖車裡或拖車上, 貨櫃裡或者...