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  1. frequencies

    • frequency的名詞複數
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    • 英文的adverbs of frequency怎麽use

      Yuliana ,是這樣的: 由frequency最高到frequency最低: ● always ● usually ● often ● sometimes.../adjectives_adverbs/adverbs_of_frequency.htm?page=/en/exercises/adverbs_of_frequency.htm...

    • food-frequency /hypothesis

      food-frequency /hypothesis 這種假設法用在調查一般民眾常吃的食物類別 進而分析食物當中所包含的營養成分 食物頻率假設分析法 或者 日常飲食假設分析法 相關研究報告:

    • 求英文造句~express frequency

      6.有時,間或 It is sometimes warm and sometimes cold. 天時熱時冷。 7.1. 主要地 The lemon drink was for the most part of water. 那檸檬飲料多半成分是水。 2. 大多數情況下 His designs, for the most part, corresponded with the actual...