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    • 中-英[誤會]小短文

      ... and I (whispered) to each other and (made) frivolous remarks about their (appearances). 動詞改成過去式 The couple and we ...

    • Mac vs PC的對話,請告訴我他們的英文台詞?

      ...important work, while the other wastes its time with frivolous pursuits like home movies and blogs... guy (Mac): PC! But…what about putting aside our differences ...

    • 英文高手請幫忙修正一句英文

      ... person is disposed to raise objections on frivolous grounds. ** I would say that “picky” has...the meaning of 吹毛求疵的, 挑剔的, 挑毛病的, but not necessarily about 喜爭論的,