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  1. from

    • IPA[frɒm]



    • prep.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 來自 a flight/train from Cardiff 從加的夫來的航班/火車 where is he from? 他是哪裡人?
    • 2. 10 km from the sea 離海邊10公里 the journey from A to B 從A地到B地的旅程
    • 3. 從; 依據 from the top of a bus 從公共汽車頂上 to rise from captain to colonel 從上尉升為上校
    • 4. 從…起 from today/July 從今天/七月起 from the 17th century on/9 o'clock onwards 從17世紀/9點鐘起
    • 5. 從…中 they were chosen from 100 competitors 他們是從100個競爭者中選出來的
    • 6. it's made from eggs 這是雞蛋做的 it was carved from a large piece of wood 這是用一塊大木料雕成的
    • 7. 因為 to do sth. from necessity/laziness/nervousness 出於需要/懶惰/惶恐不安而做某事 I know from speaking to her that ... 我從與她的談話中得知…
    • 8. 從…減去 8 from 19 leaves 11 19減8等於11
  2. 知識+

    • from which,in which 怎麼用

      ...寫法來答題了. 版主的另一個發問重點在in which = where, 那麼from which呢? in which中的in是狀態, 沒有指向性,所以in which可...所以文法書可能沒有, 但where這個副詞帶有指向意義時, 介系詞from或to是不可省略的, 例如這樣的標題: Corporate...

    • stop...from

      The heavy rain stopped me from going to the movie. 大雨讓我不能去看電影 Can you stop the ...

    • since & from的差別

      版主的鑽研精神真是值得鼓勵! since與from的分別, 在於since後面必須接過去的時點... will no longer be late again from tomorrow (on). (O) ← again以示... will have quit smoking from tomorrow. (X) I will have quit...