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  1. from on high

    • ph.
      from remote high authority or heaven
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    • ph.
      from a very high place

    Oxford American Dictionary

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    • American Dictionary of the Eng

      ... have been the result of actual use by the people, not of decrees from on high. 要是說,美式拼字的變化能維持長久,多為人們實際日常使用所造成,而非出自...

    • 一小段從economist上擷取的翻譯-英翻中

      ...palm is not a novel one. "He... that shaketh his hands from holding of bribes... he shall dwell on high," said the prophet Isaiah, and he was doubtless not the ...

    • tall和high的差別

      ... is the highest mountain ---- above... from its base on the floor of the... a long distance from the bottom to the top...'s the highest mountain in the ...