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  1. from rags to riches


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    • 1. 由窮致富;由衣衫襤褸到家財萬貫 He has risen from rags to riches in a ten year span. 他在短短十年之間就從衣衫襤褸到家財萬貫。 The story is about a young girl from the country who went from rags to riches. 故事講的是一個鄉下姑娘白手起家由窮致富的經歷。
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    • 關於Paris Hilton(芭利絲希爾頓)的文章句子如何翻

      ....It would be fair to say = 公平而言/老實說來/老實來講 2.(from) a rag to riches = 從無至有(從貧窮到富裕) 3.the closest thing the United...

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      ...the competition to get his own private dance with the Pharoah and go from rags to riches...

    • [英文]~20點!!煩請高手英翻中~謝謝!!

      1.當醫生說她無法在我身上查出任何不對勁的地方,我想我已別無選擇,我必須上場,這是我生來的職責。我知道這不對,但在人生中有時候你會無法動彈而且別無選擇。 2.和Suzana在一起時, Ronald傻傻的露齒笑容看來正在掩飾著某種不安。但和Milene在一起時...