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  1. from top to bottom

    • ph.
      從上到下; 完全地; 全部地
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    • 1. 從上到下; 完全地; 全部地 We searched the house from top to bottom. 我們把那所房子徹底搜尋了一遍。
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    • ph.


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    • 請幫我翻一下英文

      ... into the charging station from top to bottom of battery charging socket (as Figure e... an external fan-assisted cooling to accelerate battery cooling

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      ... into slices ranging from the centre to the outside and from top to bottom. 每一粒都切成四等份,每一等份都被從裡到外,從上到下的分開成一片一...

    • 英文词义区分 in: The police broke into the house and searched every room from top to bottom because they believed drugs were hidden there somewhere...