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    • 英文文章看不懂 請幫我解惑 謝謝

      ...顯示有重量級議員要辭職,但國會議員們表示某些地方黨員已準備要遞出辭呈 1. front bench, front bencher 在許多的議會中,座位都是呈現一排一排的情形,同黨議員坐在一...

    • A question about matters of UK refute the charges, Thursday will see the entire Tory front bench head north of the border for a shadow cabinet meeting in Edinburgh...

    • 請生技高手 幫忙翻譯 幾段話 謝謝

      ... 10-well comb in place, and leave on bench for solidification. 在膠液冷卻到攝氏50度之前切勿把膠倒入...100 volts for one hour or until the bromphenol blue dye front is 2 cm from the bottom. 以100伏特運轉一小時或者...