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  1. fruit farm

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    • 1. 果園 Mr. Chen owned a small fruit farm in the country. 陳先生在郊區擁有一個小的果園。
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    • 英文文法my own

      ...我自己) 的意思,這是個反身代名詞,一個代名詞 This is a fruit farm of my own.這是我自己的水果田,你不能說(這是我自己...水果田吧...

    • on the farm. 可以用at the farm?

      如果你是說在農場(的商店)‘買’比外面商店買便宜的話,用.. The fruit is cheaper at the farm than in the store. 但如果你的意思是,在農場‘偷摘’會比在商店買划算的話...

    • 用英文介紹清境農場?

      ...fresh fruit, including peaches, pears, plums and kiwi fruits. The farm is also famous for its high-temperature vegetables, which ...